Kangaskassi Choose-painatuksella

15,00 €


Kangaskassi, jossa molemmilla puolilla painatuksena Trainspottingin insiproima tekstivuodatus englanniksi. Kassi on tukevaa kangasta, täyteenpakattuna mitat n. 42 × 16 × 27 cm.

Teksti kokonaisuudessaan:

Choose a cookie. Choose adware. Choose media convergence. Choose corporate lies. Choose a fucking banner advertisement. Choose copyprotected compact discs and DVDs you can’t play on the gear of your choice……. Choose spam. Choose unstable OSs, unfair EULAs and annual licencing fees. Choose a digital television spewing personalized advertisements. Choose government surveillance. Choose laws brought to you by american entertainment industry giants. Choose an ISP, wondering who else reads your e-mail. Choose sitting on the couch watching mind numbing, spirit-crushing real-tv shows, stuffing junk food into your mouth. Choose spending the rest of your years as nothing more than a mindless consumer statistic to the selfish, greedy assholes you helped turn culture into a money-making media playground. Choose your future.

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